Dress Code

For all levels, it is imperative that students have proper shoes and their hair in a bun. We do not have required leotard colors. Please see below for more info.

Levels 1 and up must wear a solid color leotard with pink or black tights, with an optional skirt. Your instructor may have their own rules about when skirts, shorts, or additional warm up clothing can be worn.

Pre-Ballet classes are more relaxed. Students may wear more colorful leotards and skirts. However, proper ballet shoes and hair back is still required.

There aren’t many dance shops in the area, unfortunately. Dance Gear in Santa Rosa has the basics, and Marin Dancewear in Novato is a great shop. We also recommend discountdancesupply.com

We have a bin of used shoes in Studio A, and anyone is welcome to take or donate shoes there.